The Beatin' Hearts

Classic Rock & Blues Band

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The Beatin' Hearts are a band that specialises in ‘classic’ Rock & Blues, but also like to include some of their own material when playing to a live audience. They are based in the Hertfordshire area of England, and play on the local circuit which includes pubs, clubs and local events. Bookings for Corporate Events and Weddings can be discussed with a play list to suit the event and the venue.

The Beatin' Hearts are a 2013 mutation of the The Darke Past , transformed when joined by Clive Tucker, to replace bass guitarist Brian Darke. The loss of eponymous bass guitarist meant that a name change was required, and after much soul searching The Beatin' Hearts was born. The Darke Past originally began in the summer of 2011, when ex-'Shytots' guitarist Mick Hammersley and former 'The Breeze' bassist Brian Darke met through the Join My Band website. Many musicians came and went, until they met up with drummer Mal Egre, who then introduced Mike Chandler, who was the lead guitarist in his former band ‘Joy Rig’, and finally, ex-'Liar' frontman Dave Burton came on board. In mid 2015 Dave Burton moved away and was replaced by Tony Tutton.

Band Member Profiles

Clive Tucker :Bass Guitar

Clive was taught to sing harmonies in a church choir at about the same time as Spurs last took the league title and after picking up a bass guitar, has been filling in the 'gaps' in the vocals, whilst enhancing 'the bottom end' ever since.Played in various beat, pop and rock combos since the 70's, around St Albans in the 80's with The Weenies and The Volvo Brothers, before a long stint in a semi-pro function band honed his playing ability but strained his sense of humour. These days he likes to play for fun and enjoy himself, which normally transfers itself to the audience and still fill in all the vocal gaps he can.

Mal Egre: Drums, Percussion and loud noises

Mal has been drumming from teenage years and has been in bands just as long. Whilst most of his bands have played original jazz material, including Love of Life, The Exams and Joyrig, Mal has spent the last few years with rock covers and blues band. It is no surprise that Jazz drummers such as Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta and Ginger Baker are among his influences.

Equipment; Mapex and Pearl kits, Sabian Cymbals

Mick Hammersley: Guitar, Blues Harp and backing vocals

Micks musical career was almost cut short (literally) when he severed an artery while trying to play the guitar with a violin bow with his former band The Shytots. He has busked all over Europe and has the distinction of playing his harmonica for Sacha Distel (in a drunken episode in the South of France) and on the Barcelona Subway.

Equipment: Gibson and Fender guitars, Fender Hot Rod amp and Hohner Special 20 harps.

Mike Chandler: Various guitars (all nice ones!)

Guitarist Mike has almost always played in bands. Starting off in the aftermath of punk in his hometown of Cheltenham with the Monsters of the Deep and progressing to Hardware, F for Fake and Mirrordance. On moving to London, Mike soon got into the pub rock scene with Red Dirt and finally teaming up with drummer Mal with jazz/ funk band Joyrig.
His influences are widespread, from Wes Montgomery to The Stooges
The Monsters still get together for a reunion gig every year.

Equipment: Gibson and Fender guitars, Mesa Boogie Amp with Marshall Speakers.

Tony Tutton:  Vocals              

Tony  Tutton started his musical career in Skiffle groups and then formed a school band , "The Beaucrees" in 1963, performing as a drummer-vocalist with the band for 16 years. Touring American Air Force bases, as part of cabaret shows and  specialising in high society functions, Hunt Balls, dinner-dances in clubs and at private functions. In 1983 he formed a new  function band,"Tapestry", initially as a drummer, but took over as lead vocalist for the band in 1985, playing all the major hotels and function suites in London and the South East.  He continues to perform on both drums and lead vocals and is much enjoying being lead vocalist with The Beatin' Hearts.

Tony's strengths are providing  a professional approach to entertaining and fun shows and involving audiences to make each occasion special. He also still has his own hair, and most of his teeth!